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Kids Summer
Activities 2024

New to Wix? Here’s what you need to know about our Wix Kids summer activities for ages 3-10!
Summer Camps

We’ll have 3 TLV summer camp sessions: 4-8.8, 11-15.8 & 18-22.8; and one B7 summer camp, during 11-15.8.

Our TLV Summer Camps are split into 2 age groups:
3-6 year olds (kindergarten & entering first grade), and 6-10 year olds (elementary school). They take place over a full working week (Sun-Thu), 8:30-16:30, and are located at Alliance High School in Tel Aviv (Shuttles from and to the Wix Campus will be available - read more here).

During camp, the children will enjoy fun activities run by a team of professional, experienced and beloved counselors. They’re also served breakfast, lunch and snacks (all Kosher).

The camps are for Wix employees' children and grandchildren only, and are licensed by the ministries of education & health, as well as the relevant municipalities (TLV & B7). We ask that parents don't visit during camp hours.
So what does our summer camp look like?

Ages 3-6 (kindergarten & entering 1st grade)

The children will enjoy workshops that change depending on the daily theme such as arts & crafts, theater, adventure sports, nature, young academy classes, baking, and more!
After lunch, we will screen a movie, so if your child likes to take a nap he can still enjoy it. The camp works in a multi-age method and has many advantages such as social skills & self confidence and gives an experience of the real world in which communication is carried out with a wide range of ages.

Ages 6-10 (elementary school)

Our Wix “big kids'' will enjoy a sports-oriented camp with lots of movement, special 3D crafts, science lessons, water fights and a day trip to a professional Ninja playground!

Registration & payment

You’ll get an email on May 29th @ 13:00 with the registration link.

#  Each kid can sign up to 2 sessions maximum.
#  Spots are limited, so have a backup option in mind!
#  Your relevant sessions are already full? Sign up for the waiting list (only if you didn't register for any other session).
#  Please have the following information ready and available before registering.
#  The cost - 500 NIS/child/week - will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.
#  Need to cancel? You can cancel for free by July 10th @ 12pm - just email us at Cancellations after that time will result in the full cost being deducted from your paycheck.

Please note: If your child requires a personal shadow aid (סייעת צמודה) during the school year, they will need one during summer camp as well - a parent can’t serve as one. If your child needs an aid, you’ll be exempt from summer camp payments and will only need to pay the aid for their services.

Summer camps transportation info

Hi parents,

To make sure you and your kids have the best experience possible, we wanted to share the different transportation options we have this year.

Our camps will take place at Alliance high school in Ramat Aviv, about 5 km from Wix Campus. To make sure drop-offs and pick-ups are as smooth as they can be, we’re offering you several options:

#  Dropoff & pickup from the school’s entrance (short-term parking) - for quick “kiss & go” days
#  Dropoff & pickup from the school’s parking lot (long-term parking) - for days that need a little extra time
#  Wix camp shuttles, leaving from and arriving at Wix Campus

Please note:​

  • The registration is for the entire week, not specific days

  • Registration to transportation services will open several days before each session

  • Shuttles leave at 8:15-8:45 am, and return on 4-4:30pm. Make sure to arrive a little early - we won’t be able to wait for those who are late.

  • The shuttles will be full-size buses (not mini-buses)

  • There will be 2 staff members on each bus to watch the children onboard.

  • No, but we trust that you know your kid best and whether they’ll be able to handle going on the bus alone to summer camp.

  • This information introduces visitors to the Brand. Use this space to share what makes it so special.

  • You can bring your kid directly to Alliance high school.

  • We ask that you avoid doing so - since we’ll be gathering the kids and escorting them to the shuttles, we want to make sure it’s done in an orderly manner. That’s why we ask that unless there’s an emergency, you let your kid go on the shuttle if they’re signed up for it.

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